Blake Morris, Ph.D

Walking Artist

The point is not to simply think, talk, read or write about walking, but rather to go on a walk. Skip the biography and walk straight out the door. Look below for walking exercises and instructions on how to create a memory palace. Better to be out walking.

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100 Helium Balloons

[untitled] Walk Project (2008)
New York City

Organize a delivery of 100 helium balloons to a major parade route in your town. Walk the route (by yourself, or with a group) and hand out the balloons along the way.

After the walk, add an image to your memory palace. Imagine it alongside all the other images in your palace.

‘100 Helium Balloons’ was first completed on 23 November, 2008 as part of the [untitled] Walk Project. The walk followed the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade route down Broadway.