Score #6 by Waverly Van Aalsburg

[score base: A red square with photos of children and adults doing karate; photo and score: Waverly Van Aalsburg (2021); score text: There is not better time. JOIN TODAY!!!/possibly at the expense of creating a pleasant walking/Create a walking instruction in response/’unique language/somewhere between gesture and thought’/In practice, the ultimate purpose of walking is stopping,/With ‘checklists’ such as these it is evident that there are many factors/’institute of silly walks’/in the modern built environement.]

Come up with an instruction in response to the score. Create a checklist. Or just do a silly walk. Any way you try it, Waverly and I would love you to join us to walk her score. Wherever you are, whatever time of day (as long as it is on October 16th!)

Date: 16 October 2021
Locations: Anywhere
Time: Anytime 
Share: Use #52More on social media to share your walk, or e-mail me with your results and I will add them to the ongoing blog (

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