Blake Morris, Ph.D

Walking Artist

The point is not to simply think, talk, read or write about walking, but rather to go on a walk. Skip the biography and walk straight out the door. Look below for walking exercises and instructions on how to create a memory palace. Better to be out walking.

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Upcoming Walks and Events

A Wander is not a Slog 

Jan 2018 - Jan 2019

Various times and locations.

All walks are free and open to anyone. Most walks can be adapted to all ages and abilities. 

A Wander is not a Slog takes Clare Qualmann and Claire Hind’s Ways to Wander (2015) as a guidebook for a year of walking. In a moment dominated by the gravity of its surreality, I will spend the year engaging with walks that ‘sit somewhere on a scale between dream and reality.’ 

I will be doing one walk per week; if you would like to join me for any of my explorations, either in London or through a distance exchange, please reach out: