Blake Morris, Ph.D

Walking Artist

The point is not to simply think, talk, read or write about walking, but rather to go on a walk. Skip the biography and walk straight out the door. Look below for walking exercises and instructions on how to create a memory palace. Better to be out walking.

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Upcoming Walks and Events

22 June, 2018
The Closer Walk by Marie-Anne Lerjen for A Wander is not a Slog

Location: London, England, Fresno, California and wherever you are.

Time: 18:00 (GMT), or whenever You Want to begin

Cost: Totally Free


This week’s walk asks you to walk closer. Closer to the walls, facades, hedges. I’d also like to walk closer with Fresnans past and present. Being so far from home I am always looking for new ways to connect. 

Are you a Fresnan past or present? Would you like to join?

RSVP to for a copy of the score and further details.

A Wander is not a Slog takes Clare Qualmann and Claire Hind’s Ways to Wander (2015) as a guidebook for a year of walking. In a moment dominated by the gravity of its surreality, I will spend the year engaging with walks that ‘sit somewhere on a scale between dream and reality.’ 

I will be doing one walk per week; if you would like to join me for any of my explorations, either in London or through a distance exchange, please reach out: