Blake Morris, Ph.D

Walking Artist

The point is not to simply think, talk, read or write about walking, but rather to go on a walk. Skip the biography and walk straight out the door. Look below for walking exercises and instructions on how to create a memory palace. Better to be out walking.

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Conference Papers:

‘The Radical Romanticism of the Walking Library’ (2017) Radical Walking: protest, dissent, and crossing urban boundaries, Senate House Library, London.

‘Hubs of Resonance: Walking and Mapping with Memory Palaces’ (2017) Making the Landscape Sing: walking the map and mapping the walk, Living Maps Seminar, London.

‘The Walking Library: Relating the Landscape’ (2016) Traversing the Field: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Walking and Thinking in Scottish Landscapes, University of Dundee, Scotland.

‘Walking the Archive’ (2015) Performing the Archive, NUI Galway, Ireland.

‘The Walk as Point of Exchange: Local Practice in a Global Context’ (2015) Where To? Steps Towards the Future of Walking Arts, Falmouth University, UK.

‘The Walk Study Training Course’ (2015) Step by Step: An Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, University of East London, UK.

‘Hamish Fulton and Deveron Arts: Walking as a Transversal Tool’ (2014) Of the Earth, University of Plymouth, UK.

‘Hamish Fulton: The Movement of the Medium’ (2014) The street as a choreographic space: receptions, participations, transformations, University of Rouen, France.