First walked 1 March by Sally in Cambridgeshire, Rosemary and Ritz in Birminghamshire, and Blake in Northamptonshire, England; Mariana in Simonstown, South Africa; and Mathilda in Greifswald, Germany.

Sally: ’restricted to existing lines of travel due to the risen waters’ walking ‘silently and mindfully’ until running into 4 friends and crossing over a ‘15th century bridge into town - the river spreading over the flood plain transforming the meadow into a beautiful lake’. 

Rosemary and Ritz : ’Mindful of sodden, boggy and muddy fields we were restricted to tarmacked paths, no desire lines followed today.’

Mariana: listening to silence: a train and some gunshots

Mathilda: on a mindful un-walk

Blake: slow-walking a disused cemetery at night.