Walking with Artaud (2019-ongoing)

Walking with Artaud is an open-ended project exploring the works of artist and theorist Antonin Artaud. It explores our physical and digital doubles, and what they reveal about the landscapes we inhabit and those with whom we inhabit them. I invite you to develop a walking exchange with me, either physically in Northamptonshire, or at a distance from anywhere in the world.

Each exchange will be a unique engagement with the concepts of Artaud based on the walker’s interests and location. As these individual exchanges spread across digital media, I hope for #WalkingWithArtaud to form a network of Artaudian walkers in search of new ways to engage with media.

If you would like to participate e-mail blake@walkexchange.org for details.
British Summer Time (2019)

British Summer Time was a series of short sunrise walks in consideration of the time change (20-27 October, 2019). In the week leading up to clocks going back, I walked from 15 minutes before sunrise until 15 minutes after, and invited anyone from anywhere in the world to join me. Walkers in Saigon, Northampton and NYC, Bournville and St. Ives, Cork and Cardiff, all joined me to explore the dawn. Check the British Summer Time blog for details of the walks.

A Wander is not a Slog (2018)

A Wander is not a Slog took Clare Qualmann and Claire Hind’s Ways to Wander (2015) as a guidebook for a year of walking. The book features 54 walking scores—specific instructions for taking a walk—written by members of the Walking Artists Network. I set out to complete each one.

For more details visit the project blog: A Wander is not a Slog.
This is not a Slog (2014)

Oval, London. As it is, was, and reimagined.

This is not a Slog consisted of three walking installations. Free and open to the public, the walks were designed to be experienced alone or with companions. Designed for the Joan Littlewood Centenary Fun Palace, at Ovalhouse Theatre, and installed in the Ovalhouse Café, 4 October - 4 November.

Lead Artist: Blake Morris
Writer: Nessah Muthy
Design: Cécile Trémolières
Creative Producer: Carissa Hope Lynch

Through workshops and public sharings the team developed three self-guided walks, unified by stories of mystery, mutiny, music and memory:

Near the cricket stadium, 70-year-old Derek has recently passed. His files remain, bursting with his secrets, obsessions and songs.

Workhouse girl N.S has nothing, not even a name…she combs the grounds of St Mark's church for flotsam and jetsam to build a nest.

Bonnington Square enmeshes an invisible future where memory is externalised. Here, memorial mutineer Saskia recovers her capacity to remember.

This is not a Slog was funded by Ovalhouse Theatre and the Arts Council England.