24 February 2021 ︎

I will be a discussant for Wilding Places Through Walking (and not walking), part of the Livingmaps Frontline Backyards Webinar series. Chaired by Clare Qualmann, the event features Alec Finlay, Dee Heddon, Misha Myers and Morag Rose.

February 24th 2021, 18:00-20:00 GMT

Tickets are available at www.walkingwild.eventbrite.co.uk

14 March - 28 March 2021 ︎

Despite my relocation to America, British Summer Time continues. Join me for the 4th series of sunrise walks leading up to the time change, both in the United States and in Europe. 

Walks take place from 15 minutes before sunrise until fifteen minutes after, wherever you are. More details soon.