British Summer Time (2019-ongoing)

It’s that time again! The clocks are about to change, which means the sunrise walks of British Summer Time are upon us.

British Summer Time
is a series of short sunrise walks in consideration of the time change. Over seven seasons, walkers from across Europe and the Americas have joined me to explore the dawn. You are invited to join me from anywhere in the world. The process is simple, just go for a walk from fifteen minutes before sunrise until fifteen minutes after, and share your sunrise through email or social media. Join for one walk, all of them, or anywhere in between!

Season 8 will begin 11 March 2023, the day before the clocks switch to Daylight Savings Time in the United States; we’ll keep walking until the United Kingdom switches to British Summer Time.

Date: 11 March - 26 March 2023
Time: From 15 minutes before sunrise until fifteen minutes after.
Location: Wherever you are.
Share: I take a picture at the beginning, middle and end on my walk, but you can feel free to document it any way you choose. Share your results by:
  • emailing 
  • and/or sharing on social media using #WalkBST #WalkingArtistsNetwork

For past walks, the inaugural British Summer Time blog gives details of season 1. You can see find a discussion of seasons 2 and 3 at the Walking Artists Network Blog. Season 4 (13-28 March 2021) remains uncollated. Sunrises from Season 5 (31 October - 7 November, 2021) can be found here. Season 6 (12 - 27 March, 2022) remains uncollated. My reflections on Season 7 (29 October to 6 November) can be found here.