British Summer Time (2019-ongoing)

British Summer Time is a series of short sunrise walks in consideration of the time change. In the week leading up to clocks going back, I walk from 15 minutes before sunrise until 15 minutes after, and invite anyone from anywhere in the world to join me. Over four seasons, walkers in Saigon, Northampton, NYC, Bournville, St. Ives, Cork and Cardiff have all joined me to explore the dawn. Check the British Summer Time blog for details of the season 1. You can see find a discussion of seasons 2 and 3 at the Walking Artists Network Blog. The 4th Season of sunrise walks took place 13-28 March 2021. Details for participating in Season 5 below.

British Summer Time, Season 5

Date: 31 October - 7 November 2021
Location: Wherever you are
Time: From 15 minutes before sunrise until 15 minutes after.

Join me for my 5th season of sunrise walks, marking the time change. From fifteen minutes before sunrise to fifteen minutes after, wherever you are, over the week that marks the time change.

In Europe, the walks will be the week following the time change; in the States the walks will be the week leading up to it.

Share: Take a picture at the start, middle and end of your walk and email them to Share on social using #BritishSummerTime.