Blake Morris, Ph.D

Walking Artist

The point is not to simply think, talk, read or write about walking, but rather to go on a walk. Skip the biography and walk straight out the door. Look below for walking exercises and instructions on how to create a memory palace. Better to be out walking.

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Walking with Artaud

Walking with Artaud is an open-ended project exploring the works of artist and theorist Antonin Artaud through a digital walking exchange. Together we will explore our physical and digital doubles, and what they reveal about the landscapes we inhabit and those with whom we inhabit them. I invite you to develop a walking exchange with me exchange, either physically in Northamptonshire, or at a distance from anywhere in the world.

Each exchange will be a unique engagement with the concepts of Artaud based on the walker’s interests and location. As these individual exchanges spread across digital media, #WalkingWithArtaud will form a network of Artaudian walks and walkers in search of new ways to engage with media.

If you would like to participate e-mail for details.