Former Fresnans (2012-ongoing)

Built with former Fresnan’s living in London, New York City, San Francisco and Oakland, the resulting Tower District based memory palace blends Fresno past and present. I ask collaborators to take me on a walk between two places they consider home in their new city. The memory palace documents the experience of those walks.

I am currently looking for former Fresnans in New York City for one-on-one walks. Email to set one up. 

For more information on the project, see my interview with Donald Munro in The Fresno Bee, or my article for Livingmaps Review.

A cherry tree with a large knothole in the back alley of Good Company Player’s Second Space. Inside the knothole is a chess board, with pieces resembling the Roosevelt School of the Arts’ Class of 2000. Created with Justin Weatherby.

The collection contains work created in collaboration with Courtney Amchislavsky, Kelsey Bergstrom Young, Duane Boutte, Tiffany Chandler, Andrew Guagliardo, Richard Giddens, Kenney Greene, Erin Jacoby Hickman, Kahliah Laney, Alex Lawrence, Phoebe Lehr, Patrick McNaughton, Bryan Miller, Carla Ogden, Chunyendu Oputa, Richard Sanchez, Ashley Semrick DesRochers, Grace Poole, Brett Van Aalsburg, Robert Voris, & Justin Weatherby.