British Summer Time: Sunrise Walk 2
(21 October 2019)

Today Chris Wellington joined me from High Wycombe. We walked under an overcast sky, the sunrise hidden behind clouds. Not spectacular, but still a considerable lightening. We agreed the morning walk was refreshing and wakeful; a good habit to establish, if perhaps difficult to motivate. Though I walked alone in Northampton, it was nice to know that he was sharing the same sunrise with me (if a few minutes earlier).

A number of people have asked how they can walk with me at a distance, and as I walked with Chris I considered what that means. Here are my thoughts on how:

If you want to keep it simple, just go on a thirty minute walk starting 15 minutes before sunrise wherever you are and let me know when and where you walked.

I will be taking photographs at three moments during the walk--one when I begin, one at sunrise, and one at the end. If you’d like to mark the time with photos and share them with me, I’ll post them here as part of the Sunrise Walks blog.

If you aren’t photographically inclined, feel free to mark these moments another way. For example, you might write a line of poetry to mark each moment, or create a piece of movement, or just stop and notice your breath. How you mark the walk is up to you, and I am grateful for whatever your walk generates and you choose to share with me. 

If you share your experience on social media, tag your post with #SunriseWalks, perhaps we can entice more people to join us. Or if you blog about it, let me know and I will link it here.

I’m also keen to hear your thoughts on exchange. Are there other ways we can walk together? Can we create a unique exchange together? Let me know, i am open to the possibilities.