Score #10 by Roger Boyle

Three pictures: on top there is an image of Joni Smith's "Concrete Ribbon Road", below that is a postman with an E7R box and to the left of that a blue index card with words pasted on. [score base: blank blue index card; photo and score: Roger Boyle (2021); score text: Always/move away from the restrictive/the passage of time,/investigates—rather than celebrates/find materials to make/an old-fashioned archive/and check the accuracy/by touching/something.]

Roger and I will be walking his score the last Tuesday of every month until 22 February 2022 (the day before Terminalia). Please join us as we investigate the passage of time and ‘find materials to make an old-fashioned archive’. 

Next Walk: 27 July 2021
Location: Wherever you are
Time: Anytime
Share: Use the #52More on social media to share your walk, or e-mail me with your results and I will add them to the ongoing blog (

Blake, Mathilda and Roger; 29 June 2021; New York City, USA,  Greifswald, Germany and Llanfarian, Wales.

Blake collected handwriting he found along his route from the Upper East Side to Astoria, via the Queensborough Bridge.

Mathilda collected leaves, flowers and a dead moth, ‘looking closely at the trees and plants’ in Greifswald. Her investigation made her feel as if they were ‘being formally introduced’.

Roger retrieved a cushion from his friend Clive’s house, where he has ‘a mass of old stuff stored in one of his barns’.

Blake, Mathilda and Roger; 27 July 2021; New York City, USA, Greifswald, Germany and Norfolk, England.

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