Score #11 by Patrick S. Ford

[score base: a colour palette of popular yellows by Marquee Paint; photo and  score: Patrick S. Ford (2021); score text: The White House/yellows/are eligible only/After the Avant-Garde/cricket grounds—the Michael Carrick testimonial/Delivery/The magic of what is./The explicit sociality we claim for The Walking/experiences./’When is a Walk a Piece of Art?/Deep Listening/repeat the process]

Bess and Blake, Laura, and Patrick; New York City, USA; Cardiff, Wales; Sewerby Park, England

In search of Cricket whites, with yellow on the way. Deep listening under the train. After the band has left. After the avant-garde. The explicit sociality of walking combining in new ways: after many asychronous walks, a walk together in time via Telegram. 

Cricket in all three places. Three times in Cardiff alone.

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