Score #12 by Julius Smit

[score base: seven black printed scoured bands with strips of coloured inks painted in between; photo and score: Julius Smit (2021); score text: Your key ingredients/dictate the style of walking/FIBER REPAIR: Plant Collagen, Lilac & Hyaluronic Acid/wait. just for a short while./the solitary and social intermingle,/COLOR PROTECTION: Oat Lipid & Sunflower Seed Extract/Must Be Twice Political./and physically shared experiences./CUTICLE NUTRITION: Silk Proteins/would contribute to ‘the social revolution’/(the Awkward Place)/transmission/necessary internal and external protocols/of a postdoctoral research project,/SMOOTHING: Fermented Rice Water/a pity/the decline of the industrial age of the car factory/joint labor of poetic production/the artist encouraged us to take photos/SHINE ACTIVATOR: Apple Vinegar & Caviar Lime/specifically tailored/to each country./CONDITIONING AGENT: Professional Silicone/a very small number of instances]

While making this score, Julius considered the idea of close scrutiny: ‘are we able to discover or isolate elemental makings in/on/under/around the spaces we walk in/through?’ Join us as we explore this question through a walk together, apart.

Read the score, interpret it how you please, and share your walk with us via e-mail or social media (#52More).

Date: Anytime between 19-25 July
Location: Wherever you are
Time: Anytime
Share: Use the #52More on social media to share your walk, or e-mail me with your results and I will add them to the ongoing blog (

Julius; 19 July 2021; Eastbourne, Sussex, United Kingdom.

A grid of six images showing different kinds of "portals". From top left to bottom right: 1. A drainage hole cover; 2. a small panel in a brick wall; 3. a small wooden door in a brick wall; 3. a small green door in a brick wall covered by ivy; 5. a lotto notice; 6. a sticker on a green wall that states "Never Seek Permission". Below the grid the text reads: 19th July 2021 - Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK - I walked from my flat and followed a series of back roads leading eventually to the pier. During my walk I encountered various portals and points of close looking. Julius Smit
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