Score #14  by Linda Rae Dornan

[score base: customer’s copy of National Rail collection receipt from Northampton, 29 February 2020; photo and score: Linda Rae Dornan (2021); score text: Take several steps to the/spirit of the/poetic and/thought./vision/communication/of play]

Linda, 22 August 2021, Northumberland Strait, New Brunswick Side; Henry and Blake, 4 Sept 2021, Coney Island, Brooklyn

Linda walked the full moon as planned, ‘along a series of sandbars while the tide was out.’ Her ‘steps were softened in sand, paralleling the seagulls and shorebirds where they congregated, walked and chatted.’ She ‘wanted to walk with the seagull and the shorebird, a whimsical conceit, but could only accomplish that with their clawprints!’ In other places she was reading the landscape, the sand resembling a kind of ancient script. 

Henry and I were delayed. First by Henri, then by Ida. In Greenwood Cemetery we saw bird watchers watching closely. A Bald Eagle. The introduction of newcomers excited certain members of the group who wanted to share, overeagerly. The bird flew away. On the shore at Coney Island nothing but footprints, and our memories of the hard pavement in between cemetery hills and sandy beach. 

As Linda noted, our connection was confirmed ‘as organisms sharing the open sky, the salt water and sea air non-aggressively.’ Her personal wish confirmed even two weeks apart.

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