Score #18 by Mel Anie

The score resting on a black tennis shoe with red laces and detailing..
[score base: A white card with shampoo instructions; photo and score: Mel Anie (2021); score text: Shamp/articipation performance”’./Bottled on: /perception and cognition./,/the space and the self./Formula No: E0517KVE3FSH#002 Fragrance: OASIS/About you/The walk/A gentle./Art/movement/that won’t strip/life/of moisture and protects color from fading./in the UK or elsewhere - /How to use - Begin with/unplanned group walks through Paris rub together./Do not omit small amounts of water. Gently massage/the smile/ing at the roots, working your way down to lengths and ends./it is very important/if desired. Follow with/change or benefit to: the future, as needed.]
Mel Anie, Melanie, Mathilda, and Blake, Bess and Vige; 5 December 2021; Kendal, England, the Berkshires, Massachusetts, Greifswald, Germany, and New York, New York.

A Weekend in Paris: Part 2 (see part 1)

Continuing my weekend in Paris, I met Bess and Vige in Manhattan’s so-called “Little Paris” for an unplanned walk. No longer in France, Mathilda continued an exploration of unplanned walks through Paris by proxy. Mel Anie and Melanie joined us via Telegram.

Melanie’s ‘unplanned walk’ began with ‘woodland friends [ . . . ] hiding in the roots and moisture of the forest floor’. She wore  her ‘favorite red pants’, purchased in Paris. A brightness Mel Anie matched with her lipstick. Liwise, Bess. ‘Lipstick and labyrinths’, Melanie replied.

Bess, Vige and I wandered the streets of SoHo. We passed Flux House and considered if our participation was a sham (I don’t think it was). We visited the New York Earth Room and dug into the roots of space and self, the cleanly swept soil filling our nostrils. 

Mel Anie had planned to start in the ‘champagne or shampoo aisle’ of a supermarket. She was thwarted by the shops closing early on Sunday evenings. Instead she followed Althusser on Bertolazzi and Brecht on a walk tinged with absurdity. She had a hole in her shoe. So did I.

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