Score #18 by Mel Anie

The score resting on a black tennis shoe with red laces and detailing..[score base: A white card with shampoo instructions; photo and score: Mel Anie (2021); score text: Shamp/articipation performance”’./Bottled on: /perception and cognition./,/the space and the self./Formula No: E0517KVE3FSH#002 Fragrance: OASIS/About you/The walk/A gentle./Art/movement/that won’t strip/life/of moisture and protects color from fading./in the UK or elsewhere - /How to use - Begin with/unplanned group walks through Paris rub together./Do not omit small amounts of water. Gently massage/the smile/ing at the roots, working your way down to lengths and ends./it is very important/if desired. Follow with/change or benefit to: the future, as needed.]

Mel Anie will be walking in England, while I will be walking in New York City. Possibly starting in a shop... perhaps the shampoo or champagne aisle. We’d love for you to join us. Read the score, interpret it how you like, and e-mail me to join the Telegram group as we walk together simultaneously. 

Date: 5 December
Locations: NYC, England, or Wherever you happen to be.
Time: 11am EST; 16:00 GMT; 17:00 CET
Share: Use #52More on social media to share your walk, or e-mail me with your results and I will add them to the ongoing blog (

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