Score #20 by Carol Maurer

[score base: a £15 Amazon gift card; photo and score: Carol Maurer (2021); score text: [under the gaze of/amazon./imagine spaces/15/which ‘the human figures’ were like the ‘signs’/amidst the foot traffic/improving the biodiversity of the site./imagine space as/contractual agreements/and/the ‘deepest meaning’ of/play]
We walked under the gaze of Amazon—a ubiquitous feature of the American landscape and beyond—looking for the ‘deepest meaning of play’. Julius started us off, exploring outside the confines of ‘screens and surveillance’. The next day Carol and I walked together at a distance, moving around and between our local Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Amazon heroes, contractual boondoggles and smiles amidst the foot traffic, sometimes accompanied by an unusual number of birds.

Julius; 17 December; Eastbourne, UK

Carol and Blake; 18 December 2021; New Castle Delware and Fresno, California

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