Score #21 by Melanie Mowinski

[score base: A green card with a yellow header that has three red jigsaw puzzle pieces. There are six lines of three coloured tear drops each on the green card; photo and score: Melanie Mowinski (2021); score text: FROM ARTIST”S WORK TO ANNUAL WALK/effortlessly traverse the rapidly expanding distances and heights/prepare/this is a serious business/join/forces/through exchanges that improve social welfare/an art practice that engages with the public/link/local landscapes/radiate/give over to the state of a voyeuristic pleasure/transformative new methods/favour of the excavation of the interior self.]

Melanie and I will be inaugurating a new summer solstice walk. We’ll be planning a walk and a party, with more details soon. Care to join in the fun? Make your own plan for a solstice walk/party and share the deatils with us. We we can connect across the world, linking local landscapes through global practice.

Date: 21 June 2022
Time: Anytime that suits.
Location: Wherever you are. If you are in NYC get in touch and join me in person!
Share: email your results to and/or share on social media using #52More.

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