The following is an excerpt of a Walk Score developed for This is Not a Slog. Text written by Nessah Muthy.

| Dossier-
2070 |

The Memory Recovery and Resistance Movement.

You will see left red.
It’s all rubbish.
Pass it.
We are the red route.
Follow it.

You’ll want to move quickly as you pass the school.
The school is blue and dominant.
What’s happening there is peculiar, toxic, tragic...
Avert your eyes if you wish.
I always do.

Rest at the black railings.

A moment.

Ensure no one is watching you.
Be casual.
It’s here I prepare.
I tie my laces tight and scrape my hair back.
If you can remember how, do similar, do likewise.

If red 35A is on your right
If red chairs are in the distance
You’re almost there.

Across from blue HQ
Enter for your “pleasure” into the garden.
Cool as you go.
Make sure you blend in…

Now you have arrived….

Take a walk Take a ramble Let your mind go for an amble

Those that can
Those that can
Those that can
Those that can

It’s your garden
Stamp it with you.
Take pleasure

Swing high on the swings
Snack well at the table.
Lay gently on a bench

Close your eyes

And now read on.

I, Saskia, the leader of The Memory Recovery and Resistance Movement, welcome you to our HQ.

It’s true we exist.

It’s true we were defeated.

It’s true you are party to our resurgence.

Thank you for trusting in me.

I am memory mutineer.

I believe the externalisation of memory must cease.

I believe the externalisation of our memories in devices is corrupted.

We cannot truly know if what we see, what we think, what we feel is real.

We no longer know if our memories are real or constructed.

I unplugged a long time…I remember things differently now…

I did so by uncovering an ancient, ancient technique.

It is called the memory palace.

I’d like you to create one for the route to the garden.

So you can remember to come here.

So you no longer need to externalise your memory.

So your memories can be as authentic as possible.

So that you can feel them faithfully and not be fooled.

Think back over your walk chronologically.

The railings. The school. The metal green monsters

Imagine some of the key moments on your walk.

Think of them as an image. The wilder and more elaborate the better.

A raging rally of screeching railings, reminds us of the railings for example.

A giant child, with a giant bulging brain remind us of the school.

Place each key moment in a separate section of the garden here.


Now you have the code, make your way back.

Be cautious.

The safety and security policy remains.

Welcome back to the pod.

Enter the code.

Can you recall the route?

Take a moment.

Imagine the sections of the garden you placed a memory into.

Recall the memory you put in to that section.

Project your memory of your walk into the spine of our pod.

You have successfully created a memory palace.

You can apply this technique to every aspect of your life and dispense with your devices.

Share with others your knowledge of the pod.

Help me and The Memory Recovery and Resistance Movement will conquer.

Help me.

I am hopeful.