Go on a walk.

The point is to walk, not just think, talk, read or write about walking.


Google the name of your town, city, or neighbourhood.

Notice where Google plants its pin.

Put down your phone and leave all maps behind. Walk to the pin. 

Go for a walk.

Walk about until you run into someone you know. 

Say hello.

Since the early 2000s there has been an increase in artists who are walking as an essential part of their artistic practice. Walking Networks identifies the unique attributes of walking to develop a definition for walking as an artistic medium. Drawing on historical sources such as the walks of the Romantic poets, Dadaists, and the Letterist and Situationist Internationals, it presents a practice based approach to walking focused on the radical memory of the medium.

Available as part of Rowman and Littlefield International’s Radical Cultural Studies Series, the book covers three contemporary organisations working to develop the artistic medium of walking—London’s Walking Artists Network, Scotland’s Walking Institute and New York City’s Walk Exchange. It is framed by five walking exercises, and invites the reader to create a memory palace for the medium of walking as a practical exploration of artistic walking practices.


Ongoing ︎

52 More (2021-ongoing)

Date: Ongoing
Time: Anytime over the course of 8 days
Location: Anywhere in the world
Join: e-mail blakemwalks@gmail.com

Would you like a kit to make a walking score? After I finished 52 Scores (20192-2020) I was left with a pile of words I considered, but didn’t use. Now I’d like to invite you to use them with me as part of 52 More

If you’d like to participate, e-mail me with your postal address and I will send you a walking score kit in the mail. Each score takes one week to build. Once you’ve made the score, we can make a plan to walk it together. The project is ongoing until 52 scores have been completed.

8 June 2021 ︎

Walk Listen Create Café 

Date: 08 Jun, 2021
Time: 14:00 EDT; 18:00 UTC; 19:00 BST Location: online
Cost: 3 - 5 euros
Reserve Tickets: Walk Listen Create

I will be speaking with Morag Rose at the Walk Listen Create Café about our article Pedestrian Provocations: Manifesting an Accessible Future (2019).

The discussion will consider the complex relationship between diverse bodies, cyberspace, and movement, whilst addressing the challenges and opportunities of digital access. As we move towards walking together in person again, how can we integrate the contradictions and differences this moment has highlighted into our practice?

You can find more details about the event and how to attend here.

Blake Morris

Doctor of Walking

In 2006 I walked away from theatre.

I was concerned about capitalism.
I was concerned about participation.
I was concerned about climate change.
I was concerned about sustainability.
I was concerned about spending my days locked in a dark room.

Walking was a way to enter the world.

As I walked I realised I wasn’t alone. Networks of walkers with concerns similar to mine were emerging. In Huntly and Helsinki, London and New York City, artists were walking, talking and thinking together. A medium was being developed. Since 2009 I have been dedicated to making art works that can only be experienced as a walk. No matter the content, the medium is constant: the walk is the work of art.

A walk of art is an invitation to move through the world with an artist’s design. So I invite you to walk. No matter the distance we can walk together, just get in touch.

Blake Morris is a walking artist and researcher. Find him on Twitter and Instagram.