52 Scores (2019-2020)

Every day I am picking a piece of scrap paper to add to a weekly walking collage. After 7 additions the collage will form a walking score, i.e. instructions for walking. Each score will be finished on Friday, made public Saturday, and walked on Sunday.

Feel free to to try out the score at a distance, or  join me any Sunday in Northampton. If you share the results of your walk with me, I’ll add them to the site.

To see this week’s score as it is developing, check my story on Instagram. E-mail blake@walkexchange.org for more details.


To be walked 15 March in Northampton, or at a distance from anywhere in the world.

Email blake@walkexchange.org to join.


First walked 8 March by Rosemary and Ritz in Bournville, Mariana in Simonstown, South Africa, Blake and Ciara in Cork, Ireland and Mathilda and Pauline in Greifswald, Germany.

A walk that had us all questioning what ‘sordid’ really means (though there was always a sense of what areas were considered sordid). If I still lived in NYC, I think I would have done a walk from Wall St. north to Trump Tower. They must be among the most sordid areas of New York!

In the West Midlands,  Rosemary and Ritz headed ‘north in sunshine, an uphill climb to the edge of a more sordid area in our vicinity. Broken glass not good for dog paws so we turn west for a different route.  Soaking up the ambience, imagining our path a meandering river.’


First walked 1 March by Sally in Cambridgeshire, Rosemary and Ritz in Birminghamshire, and Blake in Northamptonshire, England; Mariana in Simonstown, South Africa; and Mathilda in Greifswald, Germany.

Sally: ’restricted to existing lines of travel due to the risen waters’ walking ‘silently and mindfully’ until running into 4 friends and crossing over a ‘15th century bridge into town - the river spreading over the flood plain transforming the meadow into a beautiful lake’. 

Rosemary and Ritz : ’Mindful of sodden, boggy and muddy fields we were restricted to tarmacked paths, no desire lines followed today.’

Mariana: listening to silence: a train and some gunshots

Mathilda: on a mindful un-walk

Blake: slow-walking a disused cemetery at night.


First walked 23 February by Sally in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, England, Rosemary and Ritz in Birmingham, England, Mariana in Simonstown, South Africa, and Blake in Kraków, Poland.

Sally considered the contrast between rare smiles on walks in London and the smiley inhabitants of St. Ives. A consideration interrupted by groups uninitiated in St. Ives culture of smiles.