Score #2 by Brett Van Aalsburg

A white card with with various text pasted on it. Additionally, multiple passport photos of the artist are cut and and pasted on to the page in various ways.[score base: A digital passport photo card; photo and score: Brett Van Aalsburg (2021); score text: Manifesto for art:/an effect on, change or benefit to:/The Practice of Everyday Life,/recycling/as ‘one of the liberators of the theatre’/Artaud/submissions will be welcome whether the context/and tone will help to/establish the play/when they are in immersive environments/critically engage the artistic medium of walking/a new interpretation of nature/(including machines/animals, nature) and/around again/to the artist’./deviate from these instructions]

Brett and Blake; 26 May 2021; Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Brett described the score in the following way: ‘A score as a portrait of thoughts Blake has inspired. A treasure map of words exploring ideas wherever you care to walk it. Follow the ideas, find a place to recycle, build and grow. Find an excuse to walk with a friend.’

A hand holds a walking score, which has words and cut up pictures of a face on it. In the background a man walks through trees on a grassy hill.
We walked it together, using the score as a map with trails of words to follow.

A red line shows a squiggly route from Mountain Top Drive
A score is held up by a hand, it contains words and cut up pictures of the artist's face. In the background are trees, which can also be seen through a hole in the paper.
A man stands on a rock barefoot next to the deck of a house. Propane tanks are off to the right of him and off to the left are more trees.
A machine in my pocket captures our route, our speed, our elevation. The graphic spikes demonstrate when we are not walking. It merits mention.

A speed graph in which a purple line depicts the speed of the walk. It spikes to 3ph, before staying generally around .5 mph, before spiking a few times at the end.

On occassion I pull it out to capture the moment. A camouflaged frog resists my efforts at machinic capture.

A brown frog blending in with brown leaves and a stick, which cuts across the image at a diagonal.
We considered everyday practice through the artistic medium of walking. A reflexive walk. The artist is present (but not centered). Old pathways merge with new ones as we chart an uncertain future.

Two men stand in the trees. The one on the left faces forward, his foot on a log. The one on the right stands tall, part of his face hidden behind the tree trunk.
An intimate exchange of (recycled) ideas between two old friends.

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